A Classic Car



Once a classic car is restored or rebuilt, maintaining it is a must. If you spend money to keep it regularly serviced, you’ll end up spending less money in the long run. Classic vehicles, more than newer models, need annual maintenance — as well as regular service, such as oil changes and tune-ups.

Repairs on a classic vehicle can get costly, but performing regular maintenance on a vehicle allows the experts at Jax Speed Shop to catch issues before they become real problems. By keeping your car running and performing regular check-ups, you can avoid bigger issues down the road.

Jax Speed Shop also offers professional detail services. Dirt and dust build-up on a classic vehicle can cause a lot of problems, including impaired performance and rust.



If your classic, muscle car or hot rod just isn’t living up to your expectations, Jax Speed Shop will find the cause.

We offer full inspection, troubleshooting and repair of your classic car’s critical systems. Keeping classic cars maintained and running properly requires dedication, hard work and expertise. A lot of mechanics and car garages hesitate to work on classic cars for just that reason — but here at Jax Speed Shop, we specialize in classic cars. Our team brings years of experience and passion to this particular business: the repair, restoration and rebuilding of vintage automobiles.

So, don’t just trust anyone under the hood of your car. Let us chase out that noise or pesky gremlin, and get you back to enjoying the road.


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Streamlined Process.

Streamlined Process.

From repair to restoration, modifications to maintenance, we offer a one-stop shop for your classic automotive needs, providing services and support for classic cars, resto-mods, hot rods, American muscle and more.

  • We meet you and your vehicle to discover what you want to get out of our project. That full classic inspection, starting at $500, relies on more than 50 years of classic car knowledge and the technical experience to discover any underlying problems with your vehicle. We’ll then provide you an accurate report that puts safety and reliability at the forefront.
  • Often, you can expect a wait to get your car in the shop — as we only bring in vehicles that we’re currently restoring.
  • We take care of your vehicle as if it was our own, delivering vehicles that reflect the highest quality of craftsmanship. Because of the care we take with each project, there is no standard timeframe for vehicle delivery. Some take weeks; some take months.
  • Before we return your vehicle, we test drive the classic car for a week to ensure it’s running smoothly.
  • Restoring a classic vehicle means a lot of care and continued maintenance. We always follow-up with our clients within 24 hours after they leave with their restored vehicle — and moving forward, we’re here to help however you need us.


The Roadmap to our Process

Every car is unique — and our process provides a driving force that keeps us focused on how to best serve your needs.

  • Introduction + Inspection
  • Restoration + Rebuild
  • Test Drive + Follow-Up

Introduction + Inspection

Restoration + Rebuild

Test Drive + Follow-Up


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Jax Speed Shop offers classic care for classic cars, with a focus on 1932-1979 American domestics. We work on Mustangs, Corvettes, Broncos, Chevelles, Camaros, Impalas, Chargers and more. Own a 1932-1979 American domestic? Let’s fuel your dream — together!

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