Turning the ignition in an American classic is like hearing the rumble of history — a brief moment in time captured perfectly.

The dream comes alive as your vehicle reaches cruising speeds, wind rolling past, and you experience a connection — with your car, with the road — that you won’t get in your newer models. It’s the spark of a pure, authentic drive.

And that thrill inspires the team at Jax Speed Shop, a locally-owned and operated classic car resto-mod and repair shop.

Founded by Jacksonville Beach resident, Joseph Maurer, the team at Jax Speed Shop cares for your vehicles the same way we care for our own — with dedication, attention to detail and years of automotive experience. High-quality craftsmanship and 100% customer satisfaction drive every decision we make. That means staffing Jax Speed Shop with some of the best experts in the automotive industry.

From repair to restoration, modifications to maintenance, we offer top-of-the-line services and support for classic cars, resto-mods, hot rods, American muscle cars and more. As a one-stop shop for your classic automotive needs, we work with owners throughout the United States to put them in the driver’s seat of rebuilding or restoring their dream vehicle.

Jax Speed Shop values honesty, integrity and a commitment to supporting your vision with quality workmanship: the right solution, executed to the highest possible standards.

We work on Mustangs, Corvettes, Broncos, Chevelles, Camaros, and more! Our focus is on 1932-1985 American domestics.

  • Complete classic vehicle builds and restorations
  • Complete classic vehicle service and repair including engine, transmission, drivetrain
  • Complete classic vehicle paint and autobody
  • Classic vehicle sales and consignments
  • Classic vehicle inspections, pre-purchase inspections, and consulting
  • Secure storage and maintenance
  • Speed Shop part sales – including race fuel, nitrous and custom hoses


Every car is unique. Over the years, we’ve discovered that the best restorations, rebuilds and repairs start with getting to know you and your vehicle. Reviving the nostalgia that comes with owning a drivable, reliable classic car takes time — and often, money. But, when you drive out of Jax Speed Shop, you’ll leave with a car that actually meets that dream.


Our initial tip-to-tail inspection, starting at $500, relies on more than 50 years of classic car knowledge and the technical experience to discover any underlying problems with your vehicle. We’ll then provide you an accurate report that puts safety and reliability at the forefront. Between the inspection and beginning of the project, you might experience a wait — as we only bring vehicles into the shop once we’re ready to start working on them. Jax Speed Shop finishes 2 to 3 classic cars each week.


Jax Speed Shop team members care for each vehicle as if it was their own — and that means staffing the shop with some of the best experts in the automotive industry. But, it isn’t just their experience that drives the high-quality craftsmanship. It’s their passion. Each member of the team draws on years of experience to ensure your restoration, rebuild or repair runs smoothly — and that, at the end of the day, it’s your dream car parked in your driveway.


After the project is completed, which can take weeks to months, the Jax Speed Shop team tests the vehicle to guarantee it drives as comfortably as the year it was manufactured. The vehicle is then reinspected, detailed and ready to return to you.


Restoring a vehicle requires a lot of care and a lot of continued maintenance. We believe it’s not a one-off transaction, but a relationship between our team, the car — and, of course, you. To ensure you’re 100% satisfied with the work we’ve done, our team provides a one year warranty, as well as a detailed explanation of what we completed on the car and what still needs to be done. And, if you have an issue with your vehicle, there’s no waitlist to get back into the Speed Shop.


  • Bronco
  • Camaro
  • Chevelle
  • Impala
  • Mustang
  • C10
  • Roadsters
  • Blazer
  • Charger
  • Challenger
  • Chevy
  • Corvette
  • GTO
  • Firebird
  • TransAm
  • … and more!

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Jax Speed Shop offers classic care for classic cars, with a focus on 1932-1979 American domestics. We work on Mustangs, Corvettes, Broncos, Chevelles, Camaros, Impalas, Chargers and more. Own a 1932-1979 American domestic? Let’s fuel your dream — together!

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